The bride and groom sitting on the JCB machine fell down, laughing...

The bride and groom sitting on the JCB machine fell down, laughing after watching the video

People are laughing a lot after watching this video.

New Delhi:

Wedding season has started across the country. It is obvious that you too must have got Wedding Invitation. Often when we go to a wedding, something like this is seen there. On which people laugh a lot. These days, such a funny incident happened in a wedding, after seeing which people are laughing a lot. Actually this video is so funny that even after watching it you will not be able to stop your laughter.

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This time, in the video which is going viral on social media, it can be seen that the bride and groom are talking among the guests sitting on a JCB and during this a funny incident happens. Because of which both of them fall on the ground. After seeing this sight, the people sitting there laughed fiercely. At present, the information about where this video is from is not available.

Watch the video here-

As soon as this video was posted on social media, people also started registering their reaction rapidly. After watching this video, a user wrote that after the Nagin dance of relatives and friends at the wedding, see another epic scene. At the same time, another user said that I do not know why the bride and groom were sitting on JCB.

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This video has been shared on social media by a user named Sonal Kalra. Just since then this video has been covered everywhere. So far this video has got more than one lakh views. Along with this, people are also liking it fiercely. However, it could not be known when and where this video is from.