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The Brazilian and the third oldest person in the world dies at the age of 116, a survivor of covid-19 and the Spanish flu

Francisca Celsa dos Santos, the oldest person in Brazil and the third in the world, died aged 116 at her home in Fortaleza on October 5, one of her granddaughters said. His death occurred just 17 days before his 117th birthday. The elderly woman, who worked as an embroidery artisan, died of pneumonia after avoiding the covid-19 pandemic and, a century ago, when she was a teenager, the Spanish flu.

Born October 22, 1904, she was recognized as a supercentennial by the Gerontology Research Group, a group of 500 people around the world that tracks news and ranks the world’s oldest people. The list is headed by a Japanese woman aged almost 119, followed by a French woman aged 117. With the death of Francisca, third place is now occupied by another Brazilian, also 116 years old.

On the eve of her death, the artisan was recognized by the Guinness as the oldest in Latin America, according to her granddaughter Fernanda Celsa. She was buried in a municipal cemetery.

“This year will not pass”, the artisan used to repeat since she was 80 years old, according to her family, who redoubled care for the elderly woman due to the coronavirus —which has already caused more than 600,000 deaths in Brazil. She has been in good health for most of her life. She was lucid until five years ago and could walk almost a decade ago.

She celebrated her last birthday, the 116th, in October 2020, with a cake that one of her granddaughters took to her bed. He was able to fulfill his wish to stay in his house until the end, as he hated hospitals.

Today is the birthday of my grandmother, 116 years old, the oldest in Brazil and the third in the world! Good health for my…

Posted by Fernanda Aliny Barrozo Celso on Thursday, October 22, 2020

“We preserved it so much [do coronavírus], but a supermarket was being built in front of her house and, because of this dust, she got pneumonia. She got better and worse, but unfortunately God took her,” he told the Northeast Diary the granddaughter who acted as the spokesperson for the family.

Francisca Celsa dos Santos was born in Cascavel, near Fortaleza, in the Northeast. At 47, he went to a registry office to register, according to Folha de São Paulo.

The most serious illness he had was stomach cancer after turning 80 years old. Her family says she was treated at home with natural remedies. One of his grandchildren, a doctor, was in charge of monitoring his health lately. Mother of six children, of whom three survive, she had been a widow for more than four decades.

Antonia da Cruz, who was born on June 13, 1905 and lives in Bahia, is now the oldest Brazilian and the third in the world.

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