IndiaThe biggest challenge for political parties is to overcome their loved ones

The biggest challenge for political parties is to overcome their loved ones

When elections are being held in any state, then the criteria for a common man to get an idea of ​​the electoral environment of that state are the same, how much crowd is gathering in which party’s rally, which issue? But it is overshadowing and who is correcting the caste equations by connecting which party with them? The same standard remains for the common man in those five states including UP, Punjab, Uttarakhand where election notification is likely to be issued by the end of next month. But if we talk from the point of view of political parties, especially BJP and Congress, then their challenge in electoral states is two-tier. The first challenge is to mobilize the public opinion in its favour. It is only through public perception that one can remain in the competition and the public opinion also puts them out of the competition. The second challenge is to overcome the infighting within the party in these states.

This challenge is much bigger than the first because if they are not able to overcome this challenge then their made up game can be spoiled. It is not that political parties are not aware of this. They are well aware of the situation. This is the reason why much more is happening behind the scenes than what is going on in front of the screen to sway the public opinion in their favor, to meet the challenge that comes from their loved ones.

UP-UK is important for BJP
Of the five states where elections are to be held, except one (Punjab), the remaining four are BJP-ruled. Out of these, the return of power in UP and Uttarakhand is linked to the prestige of the BJP and coincidentally, in these two states, the internal challenge before the BJP is the most. If we talk about UP, then at first glance the pair of Modi and Yogi looks very powerful and influential, but the Keshav Prasad Maurya factor cannot be ignored at any cost. Keshav Prasad Maurya is not ready to give up after falling behind in the race for the post of CM in 2017. Till now not a single statement of his has come in which he has said that Yogi will be the CM in 2022 also. When the media asked him the last question on whose face he would contest the 2022 elections, his answer was – Kamal K. From Mathura to lungi and netted round cap, his statement also indicates that he wants to further cement his position within the party by building his image as a ‘fire brand Hindu leader’. The Prime Minister’s meeting with Keshav Prasad Maurya last week in Delhi is being seen as an attempt to normalize the situation. Keshav Prasad’s political status is not limited to just one deputy CM. His importance is more because he comes from the very backward class, which is considered very decisive in the politics of UP.

On the other hand, in Uttarakhand too, the changes that took place within five months of the Chief Ministers, have also drawn many frosts within the party in the state. It is even being said about former CM Trivendra Singh Rawat that he is not ready to be a part of the election campaign. The faction of leaders who shifted from Congress to BJP on the occasion of 2017 elections, many of them are not looking comfortable these days. Secondly, many BJP leaders are still making themselves contenders for the post of CM.

Congress looking all-rounded
Barring UP, the Congress is in the main contest in the rest of the four states. Punjab is the state where it is not only in power but till six months back it was being said with great confidence that it is coming back to power in this state. However, now the situation has changed. Until Captain Amarinder Singh was ousted, it was believed that the Congress had two ranks in the state, one of the Captain and the other of his opponents, but after the removal of the Captain, the party was divided into several ranks there. The Navjot Singh Sidhu, whom the Congress trusted, not only made him the President of the state Congress, but also took the risk of removing the Captain from the post of Chief Minister, it is not possible to say with certainty about the same Sidhu. Will you stay or not? As the state president, Sidhu has opened a front against the CM Channi of his own government. On the other hand, Manish Tewari is also against Sidhu and also against Channi. Sunil Jakhar has his own side. The Congress’s trouble is not only in Punjab, but it is also facing internal crisis in Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, where it is hoping to return to power. Many factions have been formed in Uttarakhand against Harish Rawat, who is being seen as the face of CM. In Goa, many big leaders have left the party so far but the camp is unabated. Similar is the situation of the party in Manipur.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.