India'The best decision, the fight against terrorism will continue'; Biden on...

‘The best decision, the fight against terrorism will continue’; Biden on Afghan retreat

Washington: US President Joe Biden has reiterated that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is the best decision. Biden has been widely criticized for his military withdrawal and subsequent rise to power by the Taliban. Meanwhile, Biden arrived again to justify the decision.

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He made the remarks while addressing the nation from the White House after the return of the last soldier from Afghanistan. “I promise you with all my heart that this is the right decision, the wisest decision and the best decision of America.”

Ours was a country that had been at war for a long time. “If you were 20 today, you would never have known an America in peace,” he said. Announcing the end of the long-running war with Afghanistan, Biden said it was a commitment to the American people and that it had kept that promise.

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Joe Biden became the fourth president of the United States in the war since the September 9, 2001 terrorist attacks.

When he ran for president, he said he was committed to ending the war with the American people. Today I complied. It is time to be honest with the American people again. Biden made it clear that they were no longer aiming for an open war in Afghanistan.

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Biden thanked the U.S. military for completing the mission amid severe crises. Efforts to repatriate US citizens in Afghanistan will continue.

The president issued a stern warning to the IS, which attacked during the rescue mission. Biden said the United States will not soon forget those who hurt it, and said the fight against terrorism will continue.

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