SportsThe Bernabéu embraces Vinicius

The Bernabéu embraces Vinicius

Nobody squeezed more the night of the reunion of Real Madrid with its stadium, and with its audience, that Vini Jr. stirred up the attack when they rowed to regain the ground yielded to Celta, scored his fourth goal in four league games and caused a penalty, that led to the hat trick scored by Karim Benzema. The Brazilian took advantage of the moment of the reunion to take it to the physical. After scoring, he threw himself into the stands to hug his people and let himself be embraced by her, unconcerned about the safety distance that the public address system insisted on, and also the warning that awaited him when he got off the high again to the fresh grass. installed in a stadium upside down. Vini embraced the Bernabéu, and the Bernabéu embraced the Brazilian and Benzema, who is still where he was, in the constancy of the goal, while Vinicius has more aroma of appearance. On the back of both, Madrid remains in tip after an initial hot flash.

Because before the start there was so much ceremony, so much memory, so much symbol, so much slow music for so much pending farewell, that when the ball moved again on the Bernabéu grass, more than a year and a half after their last night of football, Madrid he appeared drowsy under the weight of grief and contained emotion. The Celta, however, had already digested all the reunions after the pandemic and launched with unbridled hunger for a dormant prey.

Between the ceremony and the kilometers by plane for international matches, Miguel Gutiérrez and Casemiro failed to get rid of a lost ball, which ended up at the feet of Santi Mina, and it was 0-1.

Only the goal seemed to wake up Madrid, which began to find Modric, and through him a way out of the pressure that Coudet had installed almost in the Courtois area. In those first sets, the path to the Croatian was not at all obvious. Ancelotti had arranged a 4-4-2 to defend himself that placed Casemiro and Vinicius on the left flank and Modric and Valverde on the right. However, when it was time to attack, the Croatian jumped to the other side of Casemiro and Vini looked for a place higher. Modric and Ancelotti spent most of the first half talking at each pause.

When Madrid began to steal up and the Croat revived the speed of the ball, the whites unfolded a wave of arrivals that deactivated Celta. Although without fruit. Hazard would face, leave and just get stopped by throwing him to the ground, almost like old times. Vini, suddenly a killerHe nodded, putting Dituro in trouble, or combined with the Belgian and left him hand in hand with the goalkeeper. Madrid went, stole, and returned, although without fruit until the end of the play, a pass from Valverde found Benzema and the Frenchman made the tie.

That did not affect too much the course of the meeting, which moved in the insistent sequence of Madrid’s stealing of the ball-Madrid’s half-chance of scoring. The cadence was only interrupted by Celta when the gaze fell on the local defense. Nacho went looking for Aspas almost to the center of the field, but did not win the ball, which fell to Hugo Mallo. The defender, free for a few seconds from the torture, launched into a race that ended with a pass to Cervi and the 1-2.

The confusion was undone by Benzema again with a header, and then with a pass that sent Vini running into the open field. The Brazilian, transformed, did not tremble when faced with Dituro: he put her aside, turned the scoreboard and threw himself into the seats. From then on, everything was illusion, as before everything: Courtois saved as always, Camavinga made his debut and scored after six minutes, Karim Benzema completed a triplet and the Bernabéu fired Modric standing when he went to rest. And also after Vini, who wore the smile of the night and the imprudence of the hug, after months in which that has been the gesture most longed for, and also most feared.

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