IndiaThe attitude of the Congress and the BJP is to 'destroy Kerala':...

The attitude of the Congress and the BJP is to ‘destroy Kerala’: AA Rahim

Thiruvananthapuram: DYFI leader National President AA Rahim said that the attitude of the Congress and the BJP is to destroy Kerala. Rahim’s criticism comes in the wake of the anti – K rail protests. All MPs from Kerala have a responsibility to work for the development and progress of the state. He said that not only were the Congress representatives not doing that, they were also in Delhi and in the struggle against Kerala.

What has been seen in Parliament in recent days and outside the House today is a political drama that should not be repeated. Neither the Congress nor the BJP can speak a word for Kerala. Rahim also criticized that their voice was being raised against the development of the state.

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Union Minister V Muraleedharan is acting as the anti-Kerala ambassador in Delhi. K Sudhakaran is going to Delhi to solve the problem of the Congress group and to speak against Kerala in Parliament.

This is not the first time. The Congress-BJP alliance has worked in Delhi to undermine various development projects, including the development of the National Highway and the Keezhatoor Bypass. Rahim also criticized the Congress for trying its best to thwart the GAIL project.

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Can Union Minister V Muraleedharan describe his interventions or activities during this period for the development of Kerala? The DYFI leader also asks if any UDF MPs have ever spoken in Parliament for the development and needs of Kerala.

People are watching all this. AA Rahim’s Facebook post ends by saying that Kerala must face the Congress-BJP nefarious political alliance together. Rahim came on the scene with harsh criticism when UDF MPs from Kerala raised the Silver Line issue in Parliament.

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