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The Argentine fan did not catch the triumph; Brazil fan takes chair and beats !!


  • Argentina beat Brazil in the Copa America final
  • Angel Di Maria as the player who scored the goal in the final
  • Messi is the best goal scorer and the star of the Copa del Rey

Kochi: The fans in Kerala are happy with the victory of Argentina in the Copa America tournament. Fans across the state are celebrating Argentina’s victory with jubilant performances and fireworks. Discussions have been active on social media as trolls. The torrent of trolls can be seen on social media with the victory of Argentina and the defeat of Brazil.

The video between a Brazilian fan and an Argentine fan is now circulating on social media amid fan outrage. The video shows an Argentine fan celebrating a victory and another angry man taking a chair and running after him. The video of the two Malayalees has gone viral in the national media.

This video has been shared on social media by many celebrities who are Argentine fans. They point out that this is the situation in many homes. Earlier, film actors and politicians had come together to share the Brazilian-Argentine teams. They continued to comment on social media after the final match.

Watch the video:

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Argentina beat Brazil 1-0 in the final to win the title. Angel Di Maria is the goal scorer. Messi became the star of the tournament, playing, scoring and scoring goals. Messi is also the best goal scorer. With this, it is almost certain that Messi will receive the Ballon d’Or for the seventh time.

Argentina cheated and cheered


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