IndiaThe anti-women references in the media are unfortunate: the chairperson of the...

The anti-women references in the media are unfortunate: the chairperson of the Women’s Commission


  • The anti-feminist reference is unfortunate
  • Recommendation to amend Dowry Prohibition Act
  • Guidelines for shaping media culture

Thiruvananthapuram: Chairperson of the Women’s Commission P Sathi Devi said that the anti-women remarks made by the media, the fourth pillar of democracy, are unfortunate. She said the government would prepare guidelines to ensure the safety of women journalists and create a better media culture.

The Commission has started work to set up a Central Office at Ernakulam. With the help of organizations registered with the Commission, data on the status of women will be collected and ward level vigilance committees will be strengthened.

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P Sathi Devi said the government has been recommended to ban marriage cheating and amend the Dowry Prohibition Act in the face of increasing dowry harassment.

Plans will be formulated to improve the women friendly atmosphere in the state. The Commission will intervene and take steps to coordinate activities at various levels. To this end, the government will be consulted with experts to amend the law to strengthen the Women’s Commission. She hoped that the sincere cooperation of the public would help in fostering a better social environment in our state.

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The words of the chairperson of the Women’s Commission that sex education should be given to children in schools were discussed in the state. Criticisms against it were discussed on social media, along with assessments that it was a necessary decision in the current situation. Sex education is essential in today’s society. Sati Devi said that special awareness programs will be planned to reduce the crime rate in the state.

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The chairperson of the Women’s Commission had demanded that the Department of Higher Education itself should bring in such projects to create awareness among children about gender equality.

The guidelines for opening the school were handed over to the Chief Minister