WorldThe accumulation of migrants continues on the border of Belarus and Poland

The accumulation of migrants continues on the border of Belarus and Poland

Thousands of migrants remain in tents on the border of Belarus and Poland.

Most of the migrants who received a visa to Belarus in Iraq are located in the area of ​​the city of Grodno. People trying to reach the countries of Europe spend nights in tents at subzero temperatures.

Residents of Belarus continue to support migrants with food and hygiene items, and the Belarusian army has organized an uninterrupted delivery of food and essentials.

The Belarusian authorities brought firewood, trash containers and dry closets to the camp.

The number of migrants on the Belarusian-Polish border exceeds two thousand, including children and women.

Viktor Liskovich, Chairman of the Standing Commission on Education, Science, Culture and Social Development of the Council of the Republic, said that 400 places in sanatoriums have been allocated for refugee children, but no applications have yet been received from migrant families.

On the other hand, new groups of migrants continue to arrive at the refugee camp. Migrants from time to time make attempts to enter Polish territory.

The Polish police reported the detention of citizens of Georgia, Poland and Syria, suspected of organizing the transport of migrants to Europe.

According to the Belarusian border service, about 60 migrants who crossed the Polish border were taken away by Polish border guards in an unknown direction. However, several hours later, the migrants were pushed back to the territory of Belarus.

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