SportsFootballThat's the reason for the changes in the Blasters' game results.

That’s the reason for the changes in the Blasters’ game results.

Ivan Vukomanovic, the team’s head coach, said that the hard work done by the players in training and their mentality to improve themselves has changed the outcome of the Kerala Blasters’ matches this season. He was open-minded after beating the mighty Chennai FC 3-0 in yesterday’s match.

For third place on the points table

The Kerala Blasters, who are playing brilliantly in the 2021-22 season ISL, lost only their first match against ATK Mohan Bagan. The Hornets are currently third in the points table with 12 points from six consecutive games, including three wins and three draws. Coach Ivan Vukomanovic has praised his players and their performances as the team’s performance has been met with fan expectations.

Due to the rise of the team

“There are so many things in football. But the first of which is hard work, confidence, commitment to the team and the belief that you can win every match. I’m proud of these kids, their mentality and their hard work. “

“We are happy with the performance so far. I know this is very difficult in ISL. But if you have groups with such a mindset and a positive attitude, it’s easy to keep up (the best performances), ”Vukomonovich said.

About the fight against Chennai

Ivan openly said that they knew before the match that the fight against Chennai, which has a good defense, would be tough. However, he pointed out that they had some plans on how to play in the match, how to attack and some tactics on which part of the pitch to put pressure on. The Kerala Blasters boss added that they are happy with the three points and 3-0 score line.

Praise to Prabhusukhan Gill

Ivan did not forget to praise young goalkeeper Prabhusukhan Gill for winning the clean sheet in the second match in a row. The Blasters coach said of Gill, “This is definitely a great achievement for a young goalkeeper (clean sheets). He has been doing a great job from the start.

Next match

The next match of the Kerala Blasters, who are playing in brilliant form in the eighth season of the ISL, will be on the 26th of this month. Jamshedpur FC will take on the Yellows at 7.30 pm.