WorldThanks to Turkey from Burhan, President of Sudan Sovereignty Council

Thanks to Turkey from Burhan, President of Sudan Sovereignty Council

General Abdulfettah al-Burhan, Chairman of the Sudanese Sovereignty CouncilSpecially greeted the Turkish guests who attended the graduation celebrations of the Sudanese Army’s Special Forces.

Burhan said, “Friends who contributed to the construction of this important building. TurkeyOn behalf of the Special Forces and the Sudanese people, I welcome our guests to Sudan, the land of the Heroes of the Nile.” used his statements.

After the greeting speech, the President of Sudan Sovereignty Council made evaluations about the coup attempt that took place on Tuesday morning, September 21.

They blamed politicians for the coup attempt.

Blaming the politicians for the coup attempt, Burhan stated that they are more eager to end the transition period with elections.

Burhan said, “There are political forces who want to sit in the seats of power. We have not seen political forces grappling with elections or citizens’ concerns and grievances. In the transition period, no party in Sudan will be able to remove the official armed forces from the political scene because there is no elected government.

Deputy Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalu, said: “The perpetrators of military coups are politicians who neglect services to citizens and are busy with seats and power.” made its assessment.

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk, in a statement on state television, stated that the coup attempt carried out on Tuesday morning was carried out by the remnants of the regime of former President Omar al-Bashir.

The Ministry of Defense reported that Major General Abdulbaki Bekravi and 22 officers were behind the coup attempt, and that the attempt was completely under control and those responsible were detained.

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