WorldThank you so much for the mother who was shipwrecked and breastfed...

Thank you so much for the mother who was shipwrecked and breastfed her baby until her last breath

Mariely Chacón with her husband and two children aged 2 and 6, and friends went on a cruise to the sea.

The journey starts from the port city of Higuerote to the island of Tortuga. According to The Independent, big waves tore the ship apart on September 3.

A total of 9 people on board were forced to rely on the small lifeboat. On September 9, rescuers found a lifeboat, at that time the two children were clinging to their mother’s body.

Mariely Chacón’s parents and children and the time when the rescue team found the lifeboat

A spokesman for the Venezuelan National Oceanic Institute (INEA) said: “The mother died after trying to breastfeed her babies so they could survive. She drank her own urine.”

According to rescuers, the mother took her last breath about three to four hours from dehydration before they could arrive. The 25-year-old nanny also survived, while the other five, including the father of two children, are still missing.

INEA admits that the chances of finding survivors of the remaining shipwreck are very slim.
Venezuelans are shocked by the death of their brave mother. Her funeral was held on September 11, and was streamed live via YouTube.

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