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Tesla Energy denied the claims that HEPP covers exploded in Bozkurt, where the flood disaster took place.

Tesla Energy reported that the hydroelectric power plant operating on the Ezine Stream is a regulator-type hydroelectric power plant with no water storage, therefore it does not have a cover that could open or explode with the force of the sudden incoming water. .

In the statement made by Tesla Energy, it was reminded that after the flood disaster in the Black Sea Region, news about the hydroelectric power plant operating on Kastamonu Bozkurt Ezine Stream with the license of Berke Energy, a subsidiary of Tesla Energy within the body of Zülfikarlar Holding, was published in some media outlets. There has been a need to inform the public correctly.” assessment was made.

The statement included the following information:

“The statement that the cover of the hydroelectric power plant exploded and caused flooding as a result of heavy rainfall in the region does not reflect the truth in any way. The power plant in Bozkurt is a regulator type hydroelectric power plant without water storage. In summary, it does not have a cover that can be opened or burst with the force of sudden water. “The amount of water held behind the power plant, which has a weir structure with a meter length, is only 45 thousand cubic meters. This amount corresponds to an estimated 10 thousandth of the water flowing from the Bozkurt district center with a high flow rate for a long time.”

In the statement, it was noted that the unequaled heavy rainfall was effective in the district, and it was noted that after the disaster, the information received from the field teams of the company was regularly shared with DSI, Kastamonu Governorship and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

The statement used the phrase “our pain is great” and expressed condolences to those who lost their lives in the flood disaster.

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