IndiaTerrorists have prepared a hit list of 200 people with name and...

Terrorists have prepared a hit list of 200 people with name and vehicle number, intelligence agencies alerted


  • Top ISI officers meet terrorist organizations
  • Meeting held in the last week of September, a dreadful plan made
  • The list includes Kashmiri Pandits, non-locals, entrepreneurs and leaders

New Delhi
Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is planning a big conspiracy against India. Terrorist groups of Pakistan are engaged in the exercise of forming a new terrorist organization in Kashmir. It has 200 people in its hit list. These include Kashmiri Pandits, politicians, media persons, industrialists to non-local people. Indian intelligence agencies have been alerted about this. Sources gave this information.

It has been told that ISI-backed terrorist groups have made a list of 200 people. This list has been prepared with their vehicle numbers. Terrorist groups have intensified preparations to form a new mask organization in Kashmir. It will target security forces, their sources, media persons believed to be close to the government, non-locals in the Valley, Kashmiri Pandits, entrepreneurs, ruling party leaders and intelligence sources. Not only this, he will also take the responsibility of attacking them.

Inputs suggest that in the last week of September, a meeting was held by top ISI officials with the heads of different tanjims (terror groups). The meeting took place in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

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According to intelligence, it was decided to form a new masked terrorist organization in this meeting. This terrorist group will carry out target killing in future. He will also take the responsibility of this on his own head. Not only this, it will also be responsible for mobilizing resources for operations, preparing people and creating network infrastructure.

The Resistance Front (TRF) formed last year
Last year, the ISI had started a front organization called The Resistance Front (TRF) for Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). It currently takes responsibility for most of the attacks in Kashmir. The latest alert shows that the process of target killing is not going to stop yet. It will continue. Non-local people belonging to RSS and BJP are also the target of terrorists in Kashmir.

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Intelligence inputs suggest that weapons and explosives for the killings are being brought across the Line of Control (LoC) via smuggling in Uri and Tangdhar sectors. Police forces and security units in and outside Kashmir have been asked to remain alert.

Peace is disturbed in Kashmir
There has been a complete breakdown of peace in Kashmir for some time now. Many innocent people have been selectively killed in this union territory. In these target killings, non-Muslims along with Sikhs, Kashmiri Pandits have been targeted.

Recently, terrorists broke into a government school in Srinagar two days after killing three people, including 68-year-old chemist Makhanlal Bindru. There they killed principal Satinder Kaur and teacher Deepak Chand. Virendra Paswan, a roadside golgappa seller, was killed.