WorldTensions between France and Algeria escalated again with Macron's words

Tensions between France and Algeria escalated again with Macron’s words

The newspaper Le Monde yesterday French President Emmanuel Macronon September 30 Algeria He wrote his statements during the meeting he held with 18 young people from the family that lived through the War of Independence.

Accordingly, Macron said, “The construction of Algeria as a nation is a phenomenon that should be watched. Was there an Algerian nation before the French colony? This is the question. (In Algeria) There were colonies before. Turkey’s role in Algeria and its dominance I was fascinated by the fact that he could make me forget completely, and to explain that we are the only colonizers, that’s great. Algerians believe that.” used the phrase.

Reacting to the “unfactual rewriting of official history” regarding the colonial activities of France in Algeria, Macron claimed that this historiography was based on “a discourse on hatred of France”.

Macron, “After 1962, the Algerian nation was built on a monumental income. The whole problem is presented as France.” made his comment.

Emmanuel Macron stated that they want to produce Arabic and Berber publications against “disinformation and propaganda made mostly by Turks” and “rewritten history” in the Maghreb.

The statements of Macron, who saw France’s colonial activities in Algeria as a “mistake” and tried to trivialize it, angered Algeria.

In a written statement from the Algerian Presidency, “Macron’s comments are an unacceptable insult to the memory of the 5 million 630,000 martyrs who sacrificed themselves with the valiant resistance against French colonialism (between 1830 and 1962).” statement was included. In the statement, Macron’s statements towards the country were condemned.

In the statement, which stated that the numerous colonial crimes committed by France were “genocide” against the Algerian people, it was noted that the statements attributed to Macron were not officially denied.

In the statement emphasizing that Algeria’s absolute rejection of interference in its internal affairs, it was noted that President Abdulmecid Tebbun immediately summoned the Algerian Ambassador to Paris, Mohammed Anter Davud, to the country for consultation.

The tension between the two countries started when France imposed visa restrictions on Algerian, Tunisian and Moroccan citizens.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin stated that these countries resorted to this way to ensure that France’s deported persons were readmitted.

Thereupon, Algeria reacted to the decision by calling the French Ambassador to Algeria, François Gouyette, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the grounds that it imposed visa restrictions on its citizens.

In his meeting with the French Ambassador, Algerian Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Shekib Kaid said that “the way this decision, which was taken without consultation with the Algerian side, was covered in the media, raises questions about the purpose of the decision and how it will be implemented”.

There has been tension before.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex canceled his planned visit to Algeria in April, citing that “meetings would not be productive” due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19).

The unwillingness of Paris to confront its colonial history disturbed Algeria and harsh statements were made.

Algerian Chief of Staff, General Said Shangariha, had called on France to hand over maps of nuclear test sites conducted in his country’s desert in the 1960s to be cleared of radiation.

Likewise, Algerian Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, al-Hashimi Cabub, used the phrase “our eternal and traditional enemy” for France in the session he attended in the parliament.

colonial activities of France

Algeria, which is the most current and bloodiest example of France’s colonial history on the African continent, started its struggle for independence in 1954.

While Algeria was accepted as one of the countries that paid the heaviest price for this cause with its 8-year-long struggle for independence, the great pain experienced was written in history as a “black mark” left by France when it was withdrawn from Africa.

During the years of inhumane war in the country, approximately 1.5 million Algerians lost their lives and millions of people were displaced.

It is stated that France has also committed a cultural genocide against Algeria since 1830. France, which caused the destruction of Algeria’s 300-year-old Ottoman history in addition to its own local identity, transformed many cultural and religious artifacts in the country at its own discretion.

While the Paris administration has not officially apologized to Algeria as a state for its colonial policies, the Algerian Mujahideen Ministry states that 4 files regarding the colonial years and the post-colonial period are still pending between the two countries. France refuses to return the Algerian archive, which contains hundreds of documents and artifacts, to the country.

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