IndiaTemple area in water, checker and woman in copper; A wedding...

Temple area in water, checker and woman in copper; A wedding that survived the flood


  • Aakash and Aishwarya got married in Alappuzha
  • Knee water around the temple
  • Water in many places and inside houses in Alappuzha region

Alappuzha: The bride and groom from Alappuzha found a different way to get married after the Upper Kuttanad region was submerged due to heavy rains. The area around the wedding hall and the area including the temple was submerged in water and the bride and groom climbed into a copper wedding venue.

The marriage of Aakash from Thakazhi and Aishwarya from Ambalappuzha took place differently. Both are health workers working in a hospital in Chengannur. Only a handful of relatives accompanied the bride and groom to the wedding. They say the number of relatives has been kept to a minimum because of Covid.

The couple got married at the Talawadi Panayannurkavu temple. The date and place of the wedding had already been fixed. The bride and groom told the media that they had visited the temple a few days ago and there was no flood that day. But when the water level rose unexpectedly, the temple area was submerged. But the bride and groom say they have decided not to change their marriage despite the floods. However, when the floodwaters rose, the bride and groom, who were ready for their wedding day, were escorted to the wedding venue by local temple officials. The two told Mathrubhumi News that they came to the nearest junction in a car and from there the journey was in copper. The temple officials had prepared a copper bowl large enough for both of them to climb. The news channels were filled with the sight of four or five people walking through the water drowning the bride and groom inside the copper.

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The taliket was held in a high hall that was not flooded. After the marriage, the newlyweds visited the temple and climbed into the copper. At this time there was knee-deep water around the temple.

Although the rainfall is low at present, the water level in many rivers in Alappuzha district is high due to flooding in the east. All the low lying areas of Kuttanad have already been inundated. Areas like Talawadi, Muttar, Edathwa and Neerettupuram were also flooded. Many houses in these areas have been flooded.

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It is reported that about a thousand houses were flooded in the Upper Kuttanad region. Here the main roads and many rural roads are under water. In addition to the traffic jam, many course collections have been submerged in water. The floods in Kuttanad are likely to continue based on the forecast of heavy rains in the coming days.

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