WorldTehran: Negotiations on nuclear deal will resume soon

Tehran: Negotiations on nuclear deal will resume soon

Tehran will soon return to negotiations on a nuclear deal, but the United States is “sending negative signals” without lifting the anti-Iranian sanctions and, conversely, continuing to adopt new ones.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahiyan stated this in an interview with the American TV channel NBC News.

Abdollahiyan, meanwhile, did not provide information on exactly when negotiations, which were interrupted in June, would resume, during which issues such as the full implementation of the nuclear deal by Iran and the return of the United States to this deal were discussed.

The Washington administration, which calls on Iran to resume nuclear talks, must first lift sanctions against Tehran, the Iranian minister stressed.

“They [американская сторона] they say they are ready to fulfill their obligations, but do not take any steps to show and prove to the new Iranian administration and the Iranian people that they have the will to do so. Worse yet, they have introduced new sanctions against Iran, ”the foreign minister said.

According to him, Washington should take seriously the issue of returning to the nuclear deal.

“In other words, US President (Joe) Biden criticized the position of his predecessor (Donald) Trump towards Iran, but Trump’s sanctions policy against Iran did not lose its force during the Biden period. This is a negative signal to Iran. If the United States is serious about continuing the talks, then why does it continue to adhere to the same position? ” – said Abdollahiyan.

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