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Tears spilled from the eyes of Afghan team in T20 World Cup, know what Taliban said on victory


  • Afghanistan cricket team beat Scotland during T20 World Cup
  • The Afghan team got emotional when the national anthem of Afghanistan was sung in the ground of Sharjah.
  • Afghan team player Mohammad Nabi became emotional and tears came from his eyes.

During the T20 World Cup being held in the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan’s cricket team performed brilliantly and defeated Scotland. The Afghan team got emotional when the official flag of Afghanistan was unfurled and the national anthem was sung at the ground in Sharjah. Tears welled up from the players’ eyes. It was natural for the Afghan team to have tears in their eyes. In fact, the flag under which the Afghan team was united is no longer theirs. Not only this, the national anthem which used to get enthusiasm in him, it is also no longer his.

The Afghan team was singing the national anthem of Afghanistan in the UAE, but if they were caught singing it in their own country, they could face a Taliban prison. Perhaps this was the reason why Mohammad Nabi, the player of the Afghan team, became emotional and tears came from his eyes. After 20 years, Taliban rule has come again in Afghanistan and the Afghan cricket team will now have to forget the Afghan flag and national anthem. The Taliban have banned both of them.

Anas Haqqani also congratulated the team
This video of Muhammad Nabi getting emotional has now gone viral on social media. Meanwhile, Taliban militants have made a bluff to congratulate the Afghan cricket team on their victory. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said: “Congratulations to the entire Afghan team and the entire Afghan nation on the historic victory against Scotland. Great win players. May Allah help you in your further victories.’ At the same time, Pakistan’s pet Anas Haqqani in Afghanistan has also congratulated the team and said that Afghanistan has won.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah also congratulated the Afghan team. On the other hand, former Vice President of Afghanistan Amrullah Sahel targeted the Taliban and Pakistan when the Afghan team was emotional. Saleh wrote in a tweet, ‘I salute the courage of our cricket heroes and their dedication to our national values. He sang the national anthem and raised his national flag against the Pakistan-backed Taliban terrorist atrocities.

Taliban regime has no voice of its own: Saleh
“The Taliban regime has no voice of its own and it has a prime minister who has no CV and no voice,” Saleh wrote. Earlier, after 49 days on Twitter, Saleh had attacked Pakistan fiercely. He had told that after two and a half months of Pakistan’s occupation of Afghanistan, the situation in the country has become worse. On Pakistan Foreign Minister’s visit to Kabul, Saleh had alleged that he had reached Kabul without an Afghan visa.