IndiaTeachers in Kuwait protest against vaccination

Teachers in Kuwait protest against vaccination


  • Protest against making vaccination compulsory
  • Teachers protest in Kuwait
  • The incident took place when schools were about to open

KUWAIT CITY: Teachers in Kuwait have taken to the streets to protest against the country’s move to make vaccination compulsory. Teachers who did not get vaccinated staged a protest in front of the Ministry of Education office with placards and banners against the government’s move to impose vaccination. Parents also came to the scene to support them.

The protest is against the Ministry of Education’s proposal to admit only those who have been vaccinated to schools. Protesters also demanded that those who have not been vaccinated undergo an RTPCR test once a week to avoid being found to be Covid negative.

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The Ministry of Education had yesterday announced that teachers who fail to appear in class for 15 days without taking the vaccine or presenting a negative certificate will be fired. It is against this backdrop that teachers have come out in protest.

Protesters blamed the current situation on those who do not get the vaccine being fired. Protesters claim that this is against individual freedom. They also demanded that there should be no discrimination between those who have been vaccinated and those who have not. The strikers threatened that the teachers would go on group leave if the decision was not reconsidered.

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Teachers in Kuwait are protesting as authorities prepare to reopen private schools on September 27 and government schools on October 3 after a gap of one and a half years. The decision to start direct classes came after a significant drop in the spread of Covid in the country.

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