India'Teacher brought for torture'; Children with complaints; 10 teachers including...

‘Teacher brought for torture’; Children with complaints; 10 teachers including the principal are the accused


  • Teachers tried to cover up the abuse
  • Principal denies the allegation
  • Allegedly facilitated by teachers

Jaipur: Police have registered a case against ten teachers, including a school principal, for sexually harassing underage schoolgirls. The incident took place at a government school in Alwar, Rajasthan. It is alleged that the teachers tried to cover up the bullying and that the teachers took the students for bullying.

Police are prosecuting teachers for sexually harassing and raping students. The incident came to light after a girl victim revealed the details at home. The parents were asking the 10th class student why he was reluctant to go to school. The boy informed the family that he had been harassed by the principal and three teachers at the school for about a year. The family then approached the police with a complaint. The boy also alleged that two teachers filmed scenes of torture.

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The case was registered by the Mandhana police in the incident. Station Officer Mukesh Yadav said that three cases have been registered in connection with the incident and the investigation is on. The child contacted the police with the complaint and while the investigation was continuing, three more children came with the complaint. The complainants are children studying in sixth class, fourth class and third class.

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The children said the teachers threatened to kill them if they disclosed the allegations. The investigation against the teachers is for gang rape and sexual harassment. India Today reports that an investigation is underway against the school principal and nine teachers in the incident. But no arrests have been made in the case so far. The school principal denied the allegations and told the national media that no such incident had taken place.

Meanwhile, the victim’s father said he went to the school with the complaint but was ignored and threatened by the principal. He said his brother was a minister.

It is alleged that when the teachers were told about the abuse, they asked the children to give in to the teachers’ whims. The children also alleged that the teachers were tempted to help them pay school fees and books if they succumbed to bullying.

The victim said that after being informed about the incident, a teacher took her to the homes of the victims, including the principal. Everyone, including the principal, was drunk. The boy said they took off his clothes and tortured him.

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