India'Taxi driver beaten in Nadu road, phone thrown': A case has been...

‘Taxi driver beaten in Nadu road, phone thrown’: A case has been registered against the girl


  • Taxi driver assaulted in Nadu road
  • Police have registered a case against the girl.
  • The incident took place at Krishnanagar in Lucknow on Friday.

Lucknow: Police have registered a case against a woman who assaulted a taxi driver on Nadu Road while traffic officials were watching. The case was registered on the complaint of the driver after the social media criticism against the girl was strong. Footage of the incident went viral on social media.

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The incident took place at Krishnanagar in Lucknow on Friday evening. The problem started when a young woman was crossing the zebra line on a busy road. Other vehicles and the car driven by the young man were stopped in front of the young woman who was carelessly crossing the road. The driver of the car was forcibly dragged out and beaten. The taxi driver was allegedly assaulted while people were watching him for allegedly trying to hit the vehicle.

The woman was allegedly assaulted while driving. The young woman repeatedly punched the young man in the face and smashed the phone in his possession to the ground. It is clear from the video footage that he was helpless and that the young man was requesting the passengers nearby to inform the police.

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The young man says that he is poor and that the young woman threw him to the ground and destroyed the phone worth Rs 5,000 of the boss and who will pay for it. Meanwhile, the woman grabbed another man’s shirt and tried to assault him. During the minutes-long dispute, the police arrived and resolved the issue. The girl’s behavior was in defiance of instructions from traffic police officers. Video footage and CCTV footage of the young woman’s misdeeds were released. The demand for the arrest of the young woman is strong.

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