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Taliban’s new decree regarding Afghanistan – ‘Women TV anchors read the news with their faces covered’ Taliban say female Afghan TV presenters must cover face on air | Patrika News

Earlier this month, the Taliban issued a public order for all women to wear head-to-toe clothing. The Taliban also issued a decree banning girls from going to school after the sixth grade. Now in the new decree, the Taliban has said that all women media personnel or anchors should come on TV only after covering their faces. For this, the government has sent an order to all the media institutions.

The ‘Tolo News’ channel said in a tweet that the Taliban’s Ministry of Information and Culture has issued this order. The Taliban have said the order is “final” and cannot be changed. The decree has been sent to Mobi Group, which owns Tolo News and several other TV and radio networks. It has also been said that if they violate it, then action will be taken against them.

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After this order of Taliban, some female anchors and presenters also put some of their photos on social media. In this, they were seen covering their faces with masks while presenting all the programs. On the other hand, Tolo News anchor Yalda Ali has also put a video of herself on her Instagram story in which she is also seen wearing a face mask.

Let us tell you, when the Taliban was in power from 1996 to 2001, it had imposed many restrictions on women. The Taliban initially seemed to be soft on restrictions on women after regaining power in August last year, but in recent weeks it has begun to tighten restrictions again. Girls and women in particular are being targeted by the Taliban. They have also been thrown out of secondary education and many government jobs.

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