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Taliban’s big statement about India, also gave a blow to terrorist organizations like Jaish and Lashkar

Taliban leader Sher Mohammad Stanikzai made a big deal about India, said – India is not our enemy, strong reaction to terrorist organizations’ use of Afghanistan’s land against India

New Delhi. Even though the Taliban is warning many countries including America after the coup in Afghanistan, but its thinking about India is different. Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, the leader of the Taliban and the frontrunner in the race for foreign minister, has said that we are not the enemy of India. Rather, we want good relations with India.

Stanikzai also made a big statement about India-Pakistan. He said that the Taliban will not take sides of either India or Pakistan.

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Shock to Lashkar and Jaish too
Sher Mohammad said that Taliban wants to build good relations with India. He also spoke big about terrorist organizations like Lashkar and Jaish-e-Mohammed. Stanikzai said that the Taliban will not allow Lashkar or Jaish terrorists to use Afghan land against India.

policy of good relations with neighbors
Sher Mohammad on relations with India said, ‘Our foreign policy is to build good relations with all neighboring countries and with the world.

We also want to build good relations with the US and NATO. We want to maintain cultural and economic ties with India.

Asked if there are apprehensions among people that the Taliban will act hostile against India in collusion with Pakistan, Sher Mohammad said, “What comes in the media is often wrong.”

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Only India thinks in the interest of Afghanistan
At the same time, another Taliban leader Maulvi Ziaul Hakkamal has also said in a conversation with a private channel that at least one large and influential faction of Taliban realizes that India did not do many development works in Afghanistan and perhaps only one India. It is a country that sincerely thinks in the interest of Afghanistan.


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