WorldTalibani were surprised to see the dazzling multi-storey buildings of Kabul, said...

Talibani were surprised to see the dazzling multi-storey buildings of Kabul, said – do not want to go back


  • Videos of strange behavior of Taliban terrorists are coming from Afghanistan
  • One of the Taliban fighters, 22-year-old Ajanullah had never seen such a sight before
  • High-rise apartments, offices and shopping malls stun the paved streets of Kabul

Videos showing strange behavior of Taliban terrorists are coming from Afghanistan. One of the thousands of Taliban fighters who captured the Afghan capital, 22-year-old Ajanullah had never seen such a sight before. The high-rise apartments on the paved streets of Kabul, the glass offices in the buildings and the shopping malls took him by surprise. About the fine furniture inside the home ministry, he said it was something he hadn’t even dreamed of.

Aizanullah said that he would ask his commander if he would be allowed to stay here. He said, ‘I don’t want to go back.’ Today’s Kabul and other cities are not the same as they were 20 years ago under Taliban rule whose fighters come mainly from rural areas. An entire generation of Afghanistan has been painted in the colors of modernity and western development. Many fear that what has been achieved over the years may be lost again after the Taliban return. He couldn’t believe it when the two women said hello to Ezhanulla on the street.

‘Just take care of your hijab’

“They said they were afraid of us and thought we were scary,” the Talibani said. But I told them that you are like my sisters and we will let you go to school, give education and give protection. Just take care of your hijab. Whether the Taliban has really changed is not known, but it is not the country the group captured in 1996, four years after the civil war. After the withdrawal of the Soviet Union and the fall of a pro-communist government in 1992, Afghanistan had suffered a civil war, which was then ruled by the Taliban.

In those days the city used to be in the form of ruins on which local fighters ran the administration. Most Afghans used to ride on broken roads, bicycles or yellow taxis. At that time there was only one computer in the whole country which used to be with the Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar. The funny thing was that he didn’t even know how to turn it on. A lot has changed in the country between the end of Taliban rule in 2001 and its reinstatement this year.

Expensive mobile phones seen in hands of Taliban fighters
Under Taliban rule, television and music were banned in Afghanistan, girls were barred from going to school, and women could not work outside their homes. But today there are four mobile companies and several satellite TV stations in the country where female anchors work, one of whom interviewed a Taliban official on Monday. Expensive mobile phones were seen in the hands of Taliban fighters themselves with which they were seen taking selfies.

Taliban fighters are shocked to see the city of Kabul painted in the colors of modernity. In the videos available online, they were seen having fun at an amusement park and at the gym. Saad Mohseni, the owner of the country’s popular Tolo TV network, which has decided to stay in the capital despite Taliban occupation, said many Afghans feared robbers disguised as Taliban. “These robbers disguising themselves as Taliban are more dangerous because they are just gimmicks,” he said.