WorldTaliban warns India: Sending troops to Afghanistan will not work, Taliban warn...

Taliban warns India: Sending troops to Afghanistan will not work, Taliban warn India

Own report: The Taliban is breathing down Kabul’s neck. So all countries from Afghanistan are trying to bring back their representatives safely. India has also fallen into that trap. But the army? Is India sending troops to the Taliban?

Taliban spokesman Muhammed Suhail Shaheen said it would not be good if the Indian army came to the aid of the Afghan army. Everyone has seen what happened to other countries’ troops in Afghanistan. If someone comes from India, it is hoped that they will come knowing everything in advance.

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Apart from this, Shahin also praised India’s contribution for the people of Afghanistan. In this context, he said, ‘India has helped a lot in infrastructural development like building bridges for the people of Afghanistan. As a result, Afghanistan’s economy has improved. We appreciate this role of India.

Many countries are working to repatriate their citizens from the hot situation in Afghanistan. This includes India.

The Taliban has said in advance that it will not harm diplomats. This time, Shahin said, “We will not do any harm to the embassy and diplomats.” We will not target them. We have also informed that. India is thinking for their citizens, that is their thinking. But we will not do anything to them.

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