WorldTaliban try to seize the centers of 4 provinces of Afghanistan

Taliban try to seize the centers of 4 provinces of Afghanistan

The Taliban, which controls more than 150 of the 407 counties in Afghanistan, have concentrated on capturing the administrative centers of large Afghan provinces.

Over the past 24 hours, Taliban detachments have attacked the city of Herat on the border with Iran, the centers of Helmand and Kandahar provinces in the south of the country, and Tahar in the north-east of Afghanistan.

The Herat police department reported that fighting between government forces and the Taliban continues.

Fierce clashes are recorded in the area of ​​Herat international airport, which forces the authorities to refuse any flights to this part of the country for the second day. According to the Interior Ministry, the Taliban are suffering heavy casualties. In recent battles in Herat, five Afghan soldiers have been killed.

The head of the Helmand Provincial Council Ataullah Afghan said that battles with the Taliban are being fought in the administrative center of the country’s largest province – the city of Lashkar Gah. Most of the counties in Helmand are already under Taliban control, he said.

In Kandahar, 30 people were injured in battles with the Taliban per day.

In Takhar, local authorities reported heavy losses to the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Ministry of Defense reported that in all cases the Taliban are forced to retreat and suffer casualties.

The administrative centers of all 34 provinces of Afghanistan are currently controlled by the official Kabul.

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