WorldTaliban troops 'relaxed' playing tram cars, swings in Kabul

Taliban troops ‘relaxed’ playing tram cars, swings in Kabul

A video circulating on Twitter shows Taliban soldiers playing a game of tram.
In another video posted by the French news agency Mediavenir, several gunmen are seen riding on a ferris wheel.

Taliban fighters play tram crashes in Kabul park.

Many people happily danced on trampolines, while others were trying out in the gymnasium of the presidential palace.
The images above show that the Taliban seem to be celebrating after their quick victory over the past few days.
After years of fighting, the Taliban overran the capital Kabul on August 15, taking over the presidential palace and declaring the war over in the country. On the same day, President Ashraf Ghani went into exile, handing the country over to the Taliban.

Taliban troops 'relaxed' playing tramcars, swings in Kabul - photo 2

Taliban forces stand guard outside the Interior Ministry in Kabul.

The hardline Islamist group ruled Afghanistan from 1996-2001 until it was overthrown by US-led military forces following the September 11 attacks.
According to Foreign Policy, the US has invested nearly $83 billion in training Afghan security forces to defend against the Taliban invasion.


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