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Taliban poured 3000 liters of liquor into the canal, said – Muslims should stay away from making and selling it


  • Taliban starts action against liquor sellers in Afghanistan
  • 3000 liters of liquor caught in Kabul, destroyed by dropping it in the canal
  • Sale of liquor is banned in Afghanistan, Taliban showed strictness

The Taliban have now started strictly implementing Islamic law after the occupation of Afghanistan. On Sunday, a team of Taliban intelligence agents confiscated thousands of liters of liquor in Kabul. These agents poured the seized liquor into a canal in Kabul in front of the camera. The Taliban have also warned Afghan Muslims to stop manufacturing and selling alcohol.

Advised to remove Muslims
Video footage released by the Taliban’s Directorate General of Intelligence (GDI) shows its agents pouring barrels of liquor into a canal during a raid in Kabul. In a video shared on Twitter on Sunday, an intelligence official said that Muslims should seriously abstain from the business of making and selling liquor.

Three dealers arrested
However, it is not clear when the raid was conducted or when the consignment of liquor was destroyed. Despite this, the Taliban’s intelligence agency has claimed that during this raid, three dealers have also been arrested. These people will be tried according to Islamic law and the punishment will be determined. Alcohol is considered haram in Islam.

Action intensified against alcohol and other intoxicants
The sale of alcohol was also banned in Afghanistan’s civilian government. The Taliban have enforced this law more strictly after the occupation of Afghanistan. The Taliban have also conducted several raids against the drug trade across the country. In this, action has also been taken on the manufacture and smuggling of opium and other intoxicants.

What is the source of income of Taliban?
Even during civilian rule in Afghanistan, a large part was controlled by the Taliban. The terrorist group used to extort huge amounts of money from these areas to finance the insurgency. The Taliban earned $1.6 billion from various sources in 2019-2020 alone. The Taliban in particular made $416 million from selling opium that year. Earned more than $400 million from mined minerals such as iron ore, marble and gold, and $240 million from donations from private donors and groups.