IndiaTaliban News : Please Modi ji, get us out of here...

Taliban News : Please Modi ji, get us out of here…


  • The Indian government has engaged the Air Force in evacuating its citizens from Afghanistan.
  • Air Force planes are taking out one and a half thousand Indians in turn from Afghanistan
  • According to experts, the Indian government has made a mistake in understanding the power of the Taliban.
  • The government is being accused of being careless about the current situation in Afghanistan.

New Delhi
“We are stuck in a hotel just 500 meters away from Kabul airport. I request the Modi government that please get us out of here as soon as possible. Afraid, Anurag, one of the eight Indians, has made this request through a private news channel. They say that Kabul airport is currently in the possession of American troops. America is rapidly evacuating its citizens from Afghanistan. Lest the American army leave Kabul airport after all the Americans have left and we are left stranded.

Around 500 Indians in Sansat

About 500 Indians trapped in and around Kabul Airport are afraid that if the US Army leaves, they will find it difficult to get out of here. Prakash Tamang complains with Anurag that there is no response on the helpline number +919717785379 and email id [email protected] has been issued for us by the Government of India. He says that for the last three days, even the calls of the Indian Embassy in Kabul are not being picked up.

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Every moment passing in the atmosphere of fear

In fact, the ears of the whole world were raised by the mere sound of the return of Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Everyone took their citizens out of there, but India did not show that readiness. The result is that even today many Indians are trapped in Afghanistan. It is not very difficult to imagine how every moment of those Indians must have been spent in an atmosphere of uncertainty and insecurity.

India’s speech is completely closed. He has not been able to bring even one and a half thousand of his citizens to India. He is the President of the Security Council, but under his leadership all the members kept on spending money.

Ved Pratap Vaidik, senior journalist and expert on Afghan affairs

Government’s assurance, all Indians will be brought from Afghanistan
Here, the difficulty of the Government of India has increased. Due to the occupation of Taliban, the movement of civil airlines at Kabul airport is not possible, then the Indian government has to send Air Force aircraft. An Air Force plane has just arrived carrying about 130 Indians. On the other hand, the government is assuring through sources that any Indians who want to leave Afghanistan will definitely be brought back, even if it takes a day or two. The government claims that all Indians are safe in Afghanistan, they are not in any danger at the moment.

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Government pulled up

However, experts are complaining as to why the government did not show promptness when the Taliban started moving rapidly towards Kabul in the last few days. Ved Pratap Vaidik, the country’s top journalist and expert on Afghanistan affairs, has slammed the government for this negligence. He wrote, ‘For the last two weeks I have been writing continuously and speaking on TV channels that Kabul is about to be captured by the Taliban. I am surprised that our Prime Minister’s Office, our Foreign Ministry and our Intelligence Department are sleeping till today Why has it been found? Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a very lengthy speech from the Red Fort and on 15 August, while his speech was going on, the Taliban were capturing Kabul’s palace (Kakhe-Gulistan) but it did not seem that India had the slightest chance. He is also worried.

We eight Indians are in a hotel near Kabul airport. We had a flight on 16th which got cancelled. Can’t get in touch from anywhere. We called the embassy, ​​no one is picking up since three days. We have informed our status through mobile number and email. However, no reply has come yet. At least 4-5 hundred people are stranded. Some are inside Indian airports. Let us also be taken there. If you stay among your people, you will have courage.

Prakash Tamang, an Indian trapped in Kabul hotel

After all, why was India so careless about Afghanistan?
He further says that how Pakistan is working diligently to make the current situation in Afghanistan in its favor, but the condition of India’s carelessness is that it could not take out even its thousand-and-a-half thousand citizens in time. He writes, ‘If there is any upheaval in Afghanistan, it affects Pakistan and India the most, but it seemed that India is snoring while Pakistan is playing its pieces with great mastery. … the speech of India is completely closed. He has not been able to bring even one and a half thousand of his citizens to India. He is the chairman of the Security Council but even there under his leadership all the members kept on spending money.

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Did the Indian government fail to speculate about the Taliban?
Now the question is whether the Indian government and the intelligence network are failing to anticipate the rapidly changing situation in Afghanistan? Actually, it is difficult to give any direct answer to this question, but we can probably reach some conclusion by looking at the events of the last few days. Just three days before the Taliban’s capture of Kabul, a top US security official told news agency Reuters that the Taliban might conquer Kabul in 30 to 90 days.

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Taliban surprised America too

The big deal is that the US said last month that it would take at least six months for the Taliban to overthrow the government of Ashraf Ghani. But when Taliban fighters captured the capitals of eight provinces in just six days, not only America, but the whole world was shocked. The Taliban’s spurt surprised US officials and said that in one to three months, not six months, the Taliban would be able to conquer Afghanistan. So the question arises whether the Indian government was really careless about Afghanistan or did it completely fail to make accurate estimates of the current situation?

For the past two weeks I have been writing regularly and speaking on TV channels that Kabul is about to be captured by Taliban. I wonder why our Prime Minister’s Office, our Foreign Ministry and our Intelligence Department have been found sleeping till today?

Ved Pratap Vaidik, senior journalist and expert on Afghan affairs

… then Indian citizens could return only from the highway

However, experts say that if the Indian government had been alert, it would not have had to make as much effort to evacuate its citizens from Afghanistan as it is doing today. A few days ago, when the group of Taliban terrorists were away from Kabul, then the Indian government would have wanted to evacuate its people trapped there safely by road. According to experts, this work could have easily been done through the Delram-Jaranj highway.

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Delram-Jaranj Highway was built in Atal Government
It should be noted that during the regime of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the Border Roads Organization (BRO) had constructed the Delram-Jaranj Hive which is also known as Route 606. This 135 km highway connects Zaranj area in Nimruz province of Afghanistan bordering Iran with Delram in Farah province there. Experts say that if the Indian government had shown readiness, after talking to the Iranian government, this highway could have been used to easily evacuate its citizens from Afghanistan, but now those conditions are no longer there. This is the reason why the government has to resort to the Air Force.

Kabul Airport

Crowd gathered at Kabul airport.


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