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Taliban News : Look at the brutality of Taliban, pregnant woman police officer killed in front of children and husband

After achieving victory in Afghanistan, the real face of Taliban, which is pretending to be peace, is slowly coming to the fore. Taliban fighters shot and killed a female policeman in front of her husband and children in Firozkoh, Ghur province. This female police officer is also said to be eight months pregnant. Despite this, the heart of these radical poor did not sweat.

No one is ready to speak against Taliban
The deceased woman policeman has been identified as Banu Negar. The incident is said to have happened at 10 pm on Saturday night. The fear of Taliban is so high in this area that no one is ready to speak openly about the incident. The killing comes amid growing reports of increasing oppression of women in Afghanistan.

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Woman’s face showing distorted by beating
The Taliban thrashed Banu Negar to death in front of her husband and children on Saturday, the BBC was quoted as saying. The report said relatives have given some photos showing a body splattered on the wall in the corner of a room. In these, the face of the female police officer is seen badly distorted.

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Police officer was eight months pregnant
The family says that Banu, who worked in the local jail, was eight months pregnant. Relatives say three gunmen reached the house on Saturday and searched the family members before tying them up. An eyewitness said the intruders were heard speaking Arabic.

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Taliban denied involvement in the incident
The Taliban told the BBC they had no involvement in Negar’s death and were investigating the incident. Spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said that we are aware of the incident and I can confirm that the Taliban did not kill him, our investigation is ongoing. He said the Taliban had already announced an apology for people who worked for the previous administration, and downplayed the killing of Negar to “personal enmity or something”.

Afghan Police 011

Deceased Female Police Officer (Photo-BILAL SARWARY)


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