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Taliban News: China is trying to capture Bagram airbase, India’s troubles may increase

America’s senior diplomat Nikki Haley has warned the Biden government that there is a need to keep a close watch on China. Dragon can use Pakistan against India in Afghanistan to capture Bagram airport.

New Delhi. In the midst of the Afghanistan crisis, US State Department Under Secretary Victoria Nuland has made a big statement today about the Taliban and China. Nuland said the United States was doing everything possible to repatriate its citizens and permanent residents of Native American descent from Afghanistan. Apart from this, talks between the US and the Taliban are also going on to protect the interests of their allies.

Pak will be used against India

US Senior Diplomat Nikki Haley has warned the Biden government that China needs to be closely monitored. China may try to capture Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. To achieve this goal, China can also use Pakistan to go against India and make it stronger.

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Allies lost trust

Former US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley has said that President Joe Biden has lost the confidence of US allies following his hasty decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The Biden government needs to ensure that US interests are protected and that the country’s cyber security is further strengthened.

America should help friendly countries

The Biden government needs to restore trust with America’s allies and strengthen old ties. At this time the Biden administration should help India, Japan and Australia, Taiwan, Ukraine, Israel and other allies. America also needs to continue the campaign against terrorism around the world.

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the war is not over yet

Simultaneously, Nikki Haley criticized the Biden government for the shameful withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. He has said that the whole world is at a dangerous juncture. Haley said that America’s exit from Afghanistan does not mean that the war is over


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