IndiaTaliban near Kabul: 'burned' secret documents to escape; Countries ready to...

Taliban near Kabul: ‘burned’ secret documents to escape; Countries ready to airlift employees


  • The Taliban near Kabul.
  • Embassies ready to evacuate delegates.
  • Confidential documents will be destroyed by embassy officials.

Kabul: Embassies are preparing to evacuate their representatives as the Taliban approaches the Afghan capital, Kabul. They are represented by Britain, Germany, Denmark and Spain

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Various media outlets quoted foreign media as saying that embassy officials had begun an attempt to destroy confidential documents and information stored at the US embassy in addition to evacuating their own citizens. CNN reported that embassy staff had been instructed to remove items including the American flag. CNN reports that the US embassy has decided to destroy all classified information, as Kabul could be seized at any moment.

The Washington Post reports that the United States has recalled top officials and representatives of the US embassy in Kabul. The situation in Afghanistan is reported to be the worst and the worst is yet to come. More than 3,000 U.S. troops have arrived in Kabul to oversee the evacuation and ensure security at the airport. The UK has sent 600 troops to Afghanistan to repatriate civilians.

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Countries, including the US, are trying to airlift diplomats and embassy staff. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has said he is working to bring the Afghan army together and hold talks with local leaders. The United Nations has said neighboring countries should be prepared to open their borders as the situation in Afghanistan worsens. The Taliban have seized control of the northwestern and populated areas of southern Afghanistan. The Taliban is only 50 kilometers from Kabul. The Taliban have launched an offensive in the main city of Masri Sharif.

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