WorldTaliban: Kabul airport now ready for international flights

Taliban: Kabul airport now ready for international flights

AA / Kabul

The Taliban movement announced on Sunday that Kabul airport is ready to resume international flights, as all technical flaws have been corrected, stressing its full cooperation with all airlines, to restore air traffic.

Taliban Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Qahar Balkhi said in a statement that “recent political changes in Afghanistan have caused a series of technical problems in the aviation sector, and because of them, international flights to the country have been suspended. “

And to explain that “the problems of the international airport of Kabul have been solved and the airport is fully operational for domestic and international flights”.

Balkhi added that “The new government affirms its full cooperation and expects all airlines and countries that previously went to Kabul to resume their flights as before.”

On September 15, Kabul Airport Acting Director Maulvi Abdul Hadi Hamdan revealed to Anadolu Agency that “Hamid Karzai International Airport in the capital, Kabul, suffered losses estimated at millions of dollars upon withdrawal of US forces on August 31 “.

He added, “The radar system as well as some planes and vehicles at the airport were also damaged. Once a full assessment of the losses were made, they would probably run into millions of dollars.”

Hamdan said that “before their departure, the US forces caused serious damage to the technical area of ​​the airport and the arrival hall, and did not even leave small items such as chairs, televisions or computers in the airport halls “.

By mid-August, the Taliban had succeeded in seizing power in Afghanistan, as US troops completed the final phase of their withdrawal from the country at the end of the same month.

Since the Taliban declared its seizure of power in Afghanistan, international flights have been suspended at Kabul airport.

* Translated from Arabic by Hend Abdessamad

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