IndiaTaliban in Jalalabad city; Kabul will fall at any moment, the...

Taliban in Jalalabad city; Kabul will fall at any moment, the government on the defensive


  • The Taliban captured the city of Jalalabad.
  • The loss of Jalalabad is a setback for the government.
  • Taliban to Kabul.

Kabul: The Taliban have captured the city of Jalalabad, which is controlled by the Afghan government. The Taliban have been near the country’s capital, Kabul, since it took control of a densely populated area.

Afghan president says security forces will be reorganized
The city of Jalalabad is completely under Taliban control, the AFP news agency reported. The Taliban set up their flags in the city. The loss of control of the country’s strategic city of Jalalabad has dealt a heavy blow to the government of President Ashraf Ghani. The terrorists captured the nearby Logar and approached Kabul.

Foreign media reported that Kabul could be taken under Taliban control at any time. Government sources confirmed on Saturday that the Taliban had reached Char Aziabad district, just 11 kilometers from the country’s capital. The Taliban claimed that Kabul could be controlled at any moment. The Taliban, which controlled the radio station in Kandahar, changed its name and began broadcasting in their favor.

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The Taliban has said it is not ready for a ceasefire. Things are getting easier for the Taliban as they take control of Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan’s fourth-largest city. Terrorists seized houses and vehicles. Vehicles were reportedly seized and rallies were held. Meanwhile, embassies are preparing to evacuate their representatives. Britain, Germany, Denmark and Spain are continuing their efforts to repatriate their delegates.

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Various media outlets quoted foreign media as saying that embassy officials had begun an attempt to destroy confidential documents and information stored at the US embassy in addition to evacuating their own citizens. CNN reported that embassy staff had been instructed to remove items including the American flag.


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