WorldTaliban hopes for peaceful change of power in Afghanistan: movement spokesman

Taliban hopes for peaceful change of power in Afghanistan: movement spokesman

The Taliban hopes for a peaceful change of government in Afghanistan. One of the representatives of the Taliban, Suheil Shahin, said this in an interview with the BBC.

A spokesman for the movement assured that the Taliban will respect women’s rights.

“Our policy is to ensure women’s access to education and work. They will need to cover their heads, that’s all. Burka is not the only way to cover your head, there are other options, ”Shahin explained.

He also added that the Taliban will allow women to leave their homes alone.

The Taliban guarantee the safety of life and property of the population, in particular in Kabul, said a Taliban spokesman.

“We hope for a peaceful change of power. City control and power should be transferred to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Further in the future, we will have an inclusive Afghan government in which all Afghans will be represented, ”Shahin said.

When asked whether the Afghan people should wait for life under the Taliban-style Sharia prohibitions, Shaheen answered in the affirmative.

“Sure. We want an inclusive Islamic government with the participation of all Afghans. This is the demand of the people of Afghanistan, ”the Taliban spokesman continued.

Further, Shahin commented on the situation with the media in the country, promising freedom of the press.

“In an Islamic government, it is very important to have a free media that can criticize anyone.

In addition, Shahin urged Afghans not to leave the country.

“Nobody should leave the country. We need all the talents and abilities, we all need to stay and participate in the life of the country, ”Shahin added.

Situation in Afghanistan

The Taliban intensified their attacks in Afghanistan after the failure of inter-Afghan negotiations and the US decision to withdraw its troops from the country.

In June, Taliban militants captured dozens of counties, then switched to provincial administrative centers.

Taliban fighters control all checkpoints and administrative centers in all major provinces of Afghanistan, with the exception of the capital, Kabul.

According to local sources, the Kabul International Airport is currently the only exit from the country.

The US Army has begun evacuating the US Embassy in Kabul, a process that will be completed within three days, Western media reported.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Kabul promised a peaceful transfer of power. A relevant message from the Afghan Interior Ministry contributed to the spread of rumors about the upcoming resignation of President Ashraf Ghani. The president himself has not yet commented on this information.

According to the UN, in the first half of 2021, 1,659 civilians died in Afghanistan, and over 1,000 in the last month.

Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission announced that some 1 million civilians fled their homes between early May and August.

According to the UN, 18 million Afghans are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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