WorldTaliban 'hanged people' from Black Hawk helicopter - real or fake?

Taliban ‘hanged people’ from Black Hawk helicopter – real or fake?

Another post on Twitter read: “If this is indeed the Taliban hanging someone from an American BlackHawk, I could vomit. Joe Biden is responsible.”

One Twitter account was upset and said that Joe Biden was responsible for this incident.

Screenshot of Twitter Liz Wheeler

However, close-up videos and other images, apparently of the same helicopter, show the hovering man alive.

On August 30, a Twitter account named Talib Times posted the above video with the words: “Our Air Force! At this moment, the helicopters of the air force of the caliphate are flying. on the city of Kandahar and patrolling the city.” Reportedly, the account claimed to be “the official English-language account of the Sultanate of Afghanistan,” but was later locked.

Mohammed Zubair, who is responsible for verifying the facts of India’s Alt News magazine, posted another video on his personal Twitter, showing a more detailed and close-up image of the incident. This video clearly shows the suspended man moving and raising his hand. This person appears to be hanging by a helmet strap around his back.

Freelance journalist Bilal Sarwary commented on one of the related videos: “The Afghan pilot is someone I’ve known for years. He trained in the US and the UAE. He confirmed to me that he flew the Black Hawk helicopter. Taliban soldiers seen here tried to raise the Taliban flag from the air but failed.”

Taliban 'hanged people' from Black Hawk helicopter - real or fake?  - photo 2

Another image also shows the hanging man alive and waving.

Twitter screenshot Jahid Jalal

Meanwhile, Alt News has verified the authenticity of another video from August 30 showing a similar scene when a person is suspended from a helicopter near a flagpole.

Besides, another photo posted on Twitter shows the person hanging from the helicopter raising his arms.

The account Jahid Jalal also wrote similar content to Talib Times: “Our air force! The helicopter of the air force of the United Arab Emirates is flying over the city of Kandaha.”


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