WorldTaliban: Facebook bans Taliban, WhatsApp similarly

Taliban: Facebook bans Taliban, WhatsApp similarly

Own report: Leaving no stone unturned in the debate, Facebook banned the Taliban from posting any kind of pro-Taliban posts on their platform, branding them as “militant”.

All posts or comments on Facebook in support of the Taliban have been banned by Facebook (social media giant Facebook). Referring to the Taliban as a “terrorist group”, Facebook said it would take “punitive action” against anyone who posted or commented on the platform in support of the Taliban. The policy will also apply to WhatsApp and Instagram, according to Facebook authorities.

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A Facebook Inc spokesman said on Tuesday that the move was against the Taliban in compliance with all rules on “dangerous organizations”. “We are closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan,” he said. Posts in support of the Taliban will be marked and deleted. Accounts from which such posts have been made will be banned. He also announced action against WhatsApp groups of Taliban groups active in Afghanistan.

However, it is known that the Taliban continue to use social media platforms even after Facebook has branded them as ‘dangerous organizations’.

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