WorldTaliban close to Kabul, about to transfer power in Afghanistan

Taliban close to Kabul, about to transfer power in Afghanistan

“The people of Afghanistan should not worry. There will be no attack on the city (Kabul) and there will be a peaceful transfer of power to the transitional government,” he said.

According to multiple sources, President Ashraf Ghani will step down in the next few hours and an interim Taliban-led government will be formed.

The Afghan government is about to hand over power to the Taliban.

Meanwhile, according to AP, representatives of the Taliban have arrived at the presidential palace in Kabul to prepare to accept the transfer of power.

Early on the same day, Reuters quoted sources from the Afghan Interior Ministry as saying that Taliban forces began to enter the capital Kabul from all directions.

However, the Taliban have ordered the fighters to refrain from violence, allow safe passage for those who wish to leave, and recommend that women go to protected areas, according to a Taliban leader in Doha. Qatar).

According to AFP, a Taliban spokesman directed forces to wait at the entrance of Kabul without entering the city, although some residents said the forces had entered peacefully in some suburbs.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zamir Kabulov also announced on August 15 that Russia is working with other countries to prepare for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Afghanistan as the Taliban prepares to take control of Afghanistan.


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