WorldTaliban claims control of much of Afghanistan, seeks to reassure Russia

Taliban claims control of much of Afghanistan, seeks to reassure Russia

This adds to the concerns of the international community regarding the movement of pharmaceuticals and essential aid into the country.
The Afghan government has denied the Taliban’s claim, saying it was part of a propaganda campaign the group launched after foreign troops, including US troops, withdrew.

The situation in Afghanistan became complicated after the US withdrawal.

Local Afghan officials say Taliban fighters have taken over an important district in Herat province, where tens of thousands of Hazaras belong to the Shi’ite minority. Torghndi, a town north of the border with Turkmenistan, was also captured overnight by the Taliban.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Taliban control at least two-thirds of the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
Recently, hundreds of Afghan security personnel and refugees crossed the border into Iran and Tajikistan. As a result, a Taliban delegation had to go to Moscow to try to address concerns that Islamist extremists might infiltrate Central Asia.
Three Taliban officials sought to reassure Russia during a press conference, promising that the group wanted to prevent the Islamic State from operating in Afghanistan and would not allow Afghan territory to be used to attack neighboring countries.

Taliban claims to have control of most of Afghanistan, seeks to reassure Russia - Photo 2

Afghan soldiers patrol the area near a checkpoint recaptured by the Taliban in Laghman province.

As the fighting continues, WHO Emergency Area Director Rick Brennan said at least 18.4 million people need humanitarian assistance, including 3.1 million children at risk of malnutrition. acute.
“I think the concern now is that the medical staff are leaving out of concern for the safety of their families and themselves. Some of these people have started to come back. We are concerned about the problem. problems in accessing essential medicines and supplies. We are also concerned about attacks on healthcare,” said Mr. Brenna.

Brennan said the Taliban had informally asked for assistance to keep health services running in areas it had captured.


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