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Taliban blames Ashraf Ghani for the chaos in Afghanistan, says the country’s money should be returned

Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen said that Ashraf Ghani fled the country on August 15 while the Taliban were awaiting a peaceful transfer of power.

New Delhi. Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen has blamed Ashraf Ghani for the chaos witnessed in the country after August 15. Shaheen said that he made a mistake by suddenly leaving the government. In an interview to the media, the spokesman said that on August 15, as the Taliban “waiting for a peaceful transfer of power” and the fighters were waiting outside the gates of Kabul, Ashraf Ghani suddenly fled. He made the mistake of leaving the government.

On reports of Ashraf Ghani fleeing with a huge amount of cash, Sohail Shaheen said that if he has done anything that does not belong to him, he should return it to Afghanistan, but taking it forward is not the Taliban’s priority as it The group is now focusing on the establishment of a new government.

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On the other hand, Ashraf Ghani denied the reports of both of them fleeing the country and taking money. In a message from the UAE, he said that he was forced to leave the country to avoid bloodshed. He did not even have time to change his slippers, he said, adding that the question of carrying so much money should not arise.

close ties with UAE

On further ties with the UAE that have welcomed Ashraf Ghani and his family, a Taliban spokesman said that Ashraf Ghani had close ties with the UAE. But this does not mean that the UAE will not have ties with the Taliban. We have our office in Qatar. We have relations with the United Arab Emirates. Shelter to Ashraf Ghani reflects his policy. “It does not mean that they have nothing to do with us,” the spokesperson said.

Regarding the Kabul Blast, the spokesman said that before the blast, the Taliban were searching all Afghans and all cars in the country. They had reports that ISIS members might try to enter the airport with a crowd of people. He said Afghans who did not have proper travel documents were barred from traveling to the airport due to security reasons.


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