IndiaTaliban blame rising fuel prices; BJP MLA with argument

Taliban blame rising fuel prices; BJP MLA with argument


  • The Taliban blamed for rising fuel prices
  • BJP MLA with argument
  • The response was from MLA Arvind Bellad

BANGALORE: A BJP MLA from Karnataka has come out with a bizarre claim that the Taliban crisis in Afghanistan is to blame for the rise in fuel prices in the country. Arvind Bellad, an MLA, said the crisis over the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan had affected global fuel supplies, which was behind the rise in cooking gas cylinders and petrol and diesel prices.

Arvind Bellad is the MLA from Hubli-Dharwad West constituency in Karnataka. He says there have been problems with global fuel supplies since the beginning of the Taliban-related problems in Afghanistan.

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“The Taliban crisis in Afghanistan has caused problems in the supply of crude oil. As a result, LPG, petrol and diesel prices are going up, ”the MLA said in response to a question on fuel price hike.

Petrol prices have crossed Rs 100 in many states in the country. The ruling MLA’s response comes as various political parties are moving ahead with agitations against the central government. In Delhi, a liter of petrol costs Rs 101.34. 88.77 for diesel and Rs. In Mumbai, petrol is priced at Rs 107.39 and diesel at Rs 96.33.

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BJP leaders have been reacting sharply to questions about the fuel price hike. The BJP leader from Madhya Pradesh told a journalist who had recently questioned the rise in fuel prices in the country to go to Afghanistan.

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Katni district BJP president Ramratan Payal told reporters to go to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. “Fill up with petrol from the Taliban. Petrol costs 50 rupees in Afghanistan, but there is no one there to use it. Go there and fill up with petrol. There is at least some security in India,” Payal said.

He added that a third wave of the Covid virus is likely to hit the country as more questions are raised about rising fuel prices, and that you are talking about petrol. “You can’t see what crisis the country is going through,” he said.

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