WorldTaliban Attack On Journalists

Taliban Attack On Journalists

After announcing the Islamic Emirate government in Afghanistan, the Taliban is now engaged in suppressing every voice that rises against them. A day earlier, Taliban fighters abducted and thrashed two journalists from Afghanistan’s news website Atilatroz. After being released from captivity, these two journalists have narrated the stories of Taliban atrocities to the whole world.

Terrorists were furious over reporting against Taliban
Atilatroz is a news website famous for investigative reports and anonymous whistleblowing from Afghanistan. The Taliban had been quite furious about their reporting for the past several months. Now after taking power in Afghanistan, Taliban fighters have kidnapped two journalists of this website, Taki Daryabi and Nematullah Cash, and beat them severely.

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Wound marks were seen on the body of journalists
Both the journalists were beaten so badly by the Taliban that the scars of wounds are clearly visible on their bodies. He told that after capturing the Taliban fighters, the two took them to different rooms and beat them up badly. Both the journalists have been taken to the hospital for treatment. The Taliban has not yet given any statement on the matter.

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pregnant woman police officer was murdered
The Taliban had shot dead a female policeman in front of her husband and children in Firozkoh in Ghur province three or four days ago. The deceased female police officer was eight months pregnant at that time. Despite this, the heart of these fanatic poor did not sweat and shot him after beating him badly.

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No one is ready to speak against Taliban
The deceased woman policeman has been identified as Banu Negar. The incident is said to have happened at 10 pm on Saturday night. The fear of Taliban is so high in this area that no one is ready to speak openly about the incident. The killing comes amid growing reports of increasing oppression of women in Afghanistan.

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Two journalists showing wounds after the Taliban beating (Photo-Etilaatroz)