WorldTaliban announce end of foreign occupation of Afghanistan

Taliban announce end of foreign occupation of Afghanistan

AA / Afghanistan

The Taliban have announced the end of “20 years of bloody war” and “occupation of the country by foreign forces”, as the movement prepares to form what it calls an “Islamic government” in Afghanistan.

“We will soon reach an agreement on the formation of an Islamic government in the country,” said spokesman for the movement, Zabihullah Mujahid, at a press conference on Tuesday.

And Mujahid continued “The security of foreign embassies is essential for us and we are committed to ensuring that they are completely secure.”

The insurgent spokesman also announced an amnesty for all Afghans, including former soldiers as well as those who collaborated with foreign forces.

Mujahid asked for the support of the international community, calling for dialogue about his concerns about the formation of the next “Islamic government” in Afghanistan.

He called the thousands of civilian casualties over the past two decades of war as “collateral damage” as a result of the “invasion” which opposed the “Afghan struggle for independence”.

The main spokesperson for the insurgents said he wanted to respect the rights of women, and pledged that the movement refrain from any discriminatory practice or violent act against them. He indicated to this end that women would have the right to work, and that girls will have access to education, within the framework of “Sharia”.

Regarding freedom of the press, he said Islamic values ​​and national interests will remain the basic principles and the media will not be allowed to relay or stir up ethnic, sectarian and other divisions.

Mujahid called on all media to continue their activities, but urging them to respect three conditions, namely; the broadcast should not be against Islamic values, respect for the principle of impartiality, and no one should broadcast anything that may harm or oppose national interests.

After taking control of several districts and provincial capitals, the Taliban entered the Afghan capital, Kabul on Sunday, confirming their lightning victory and their grip on the country.

The Taliban’s reconquest of Afghanistan comes despite billions of dollars spent by the United States and NATO over the past 20 years to build the Afghan armed and security forces.

In 2001, an international military coalition led by Washington overthrew the Taliban, then linked to the nebula Al-Qaeda, which had claimed responsibility for the September 11 attacks of the same year in the United States.

* Translated from Arabic by Majdi Ismail

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