WorldTaliban: All Afghan people have the right to obtain passports

Taliban: All Afghan people have the right to obtain passports

Alem Gul Hakkani, the acting Director General of Passports General of the Ministry of Interior of the Taliban interim government, said in his assessment to the BBC, emphasizing that they issue approximately 4,000 to 4,500 passports per day, and the total number of people issued has reached approximately 46,000. “All Afghan people have the right to obtain passports.” said.

Stating that they put the passport transactions into the system, Hakkani pointed out that the people started to receive passports through the relevant offices before there was chaos.

Hakkani pointed out that the passport issuing offices are open to the service of all the people, and noted that they will give their documents to anyone who wants to go abroad, and that they will gladly welcome people from the previous administration to get passports.

Commenting that the Taliban administration is working hard for the future of the Afghan people, Hakkani stated that no one has to leave the country and should not be afraid.

Hakkani stated that they gave passports to everyone, that they did not prevent anyone from leaving the country, that they did not torture anyone, that this was propaganda of the enemies, and that those in need of treatment, athletes and students were also in the priority group.

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