WorldSyrian regime launched intensive shelling of blocked area in Deraa

Syrian regime launched intensive shelling of blocked area in Deraa

Bashar al-Assad’s regime last night began intensive shelling of the Deraa al-Balad quarter in southern Syria.

Representative of the Havran activists’ society Aymen Abu Nokta told the Anadolu agency about this.

According to him, the fourth legion of the regime, supported by Iran, began to subject the Deraa al-Balad quarter to intensive shelling, which has been under blockade for the last 2.5 months.

Abu Nokta said that regime forces violated the September 1 agreement on the fourth day. The activist is confident that the Syrian regime is trying in this way to force residents to leave the quarter.

A quarter with a population of about 40 thousand people was fired upon from machine guns, mortars, tanks, and Grad missiles were also used, Abu Nokta said.

The Deraa Central Committee reported on September 4 that Assad’s forces had violated the ceasefire.

Events in Deraa

Following a 2018 deal brokered by Russia, the Assad regime gained control of much of the southern province and allowed former opposition leaders to retain light weapons.

Three years later, Damascus, with the support of Russia, decided to take full control of the Deraa al-Balad quarter in the administrative center of the province. In response to the resistance of former opposition fighters, on June 25 this year, the regime began a blockade of the quarter.

On July 26, the Assad regime and the Central Committee of Deraa reached an agreement on the surrender of weapons and ammunition by the residents of the quarter, permission to conduct searches in houses and the lifting of the blockade of the quarter.

However, on July 29, the regime launched a ground operation to strengthen its power in Deraa al-Balad, after which clashes spread to the eastern and western suburbs of Deraa province.

From that moment on, the forces of the Assad regime have subjected the quarter to mortar and tank attacks.

The Deraa Central Committee and the Assad regime reached a new ceasefire agreement on September 1, mediated by Russia.

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