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Syrian Family: Refugee family of Syria reached Italy, people wept after seeing award winning photos of father and son

Rome : A few months back, a touching picture was well-liked on social media. This award-winning photo was of a man who lost a leg in a bomb blast in Syria, carrying his son in the air with one leg. Her child was born without organs due to a disease. This photo was taken last year in Turkey. On Friday, Munzir El Nezel and his son Mustafa reached Italy along with the family.

After the tireless efforts of the organizers of the Siena International Photo Awards, he was brought from Turkey to Italy, where he had fled Syria. 6-year-old Mustafa said with a long smile, ‘We are coming, thank you’ before boarding the flight to Italy. Mustafa and his family, his mother El Nezel and two younger sisters aged 1 and 4 recorded a video message saying, ‘We love Italia.’ All boarded the plane from Ankara to Italy.
Seeing this photo, you will forget your pain, the smile of a child and father showing the mirror to the panic
‘Hardship of Life’
Mustafa and his father were photographed in January 2021 by Turkish photographer Mehmet Aslan, in which both were seen with a loving smile. Mehmet called the photo ‘Hardship of Life’. The photo was declared Photo of the Year at the Siena Awards last year. Mehmet had photographed a refugee child and his father in Rehanli in Hatay province on the Syria-Turkey border.

How did father and son become disabled
The father lost his leg in a bomb blast in a Syrian market. The child’s mother was sickened by nerve gas released during the war in Syria. The medicines he took during this time caused the child’s congenital disorder and he was born without a lower body part. This picture and story were shared by Linzi Billing on Twitter. Linzi is a photographer and investigative journalist.

Seeing the photo, people forgot their problems
He wrote on Twitter, ‘Seeing this picture in the morning a friend said to punch me hard in the face if I ever complain about anything again.’ Seeing the photo, people had a similar reaction. One user wrote, ‘Currently I am going through a bad phase but after seeing this photo I will not complain about my situation. never.’

The death toll in 2014 was 1,91,369
The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has long said it has difficulties getting real information about the human rights situation in Syria, and it stopped updating the death toll from the war in Syria in early 2014. The death toll at that time was 1,91,369.