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Musician, architect, DJ, writer, actor, painter, graphic designer and contemporary dancer… Whoever defines himself in such a way has a name in Spanish, and that name is a dilettante. They, however, prefer to define themselves as “content creators”, and not just because they do not know the exact word. It is legitimate to aspire to be a content creator, that is, to be the one who fills the content platforms so that people continue to spend the day on them, why not? The problem is when the creator loses the north on what is, or could be, his role in all this. This week a group of these people has announced a union of content creators to stop Google. The reaction has been unanimous: laughter and cut of sleeves.

Why is it absurd, it has already been analyzed by a few others youtubers neoliberal court. In short: nobody asks you for the videos or puts buts on the content; you upload them because you want to. In the video presenting this occurrence, concepts such as democracy, freedom of expression, diversity, ideological plurality … and in the background, of course, money are mixed. The visible face are content creators who handle ridiculous figures for what is requested on social networks. Only two go beyond 100,000 followers.

They have raised it badly, very badly. But watch out for these laughs; the social power of networks is great and it will soon make sense to demand transparency. It is a battle that will not be fought by those who propose this union – which UGT welcomes, probably motivated by someone with an eagerness to appear young – but other agents will. It will be part of a war for the control of knowledge and information, and in 20 years we will taste the fruits. May God catch us confessed.

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