WorldSwimming festival held in Van Lake attracted attention

Swimming festival held in Van Lake attracted attention

Under the leadership of Vangölü Activists Association, the “1st Adır Island Swimming Festival” was organized in cooperation with Van Metropolitan Municipality, Eastern Anatolia Development Agency (DAKA), Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports and Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency (AFAD) to draw attention to Lake Van. .

The festival, on the shore of Lake Van in Döşeme Mahallesi, started with the dance of the citizens.

In the festival, where there was intense participation from the surrounding districts, the swimmers swam 2.5 kilometers and went to Adır Island.

President of Vangöl Activists Association, Erdoğan Özel, stated that their aim is to bring the historical and natural beauties of the islands in Van Lake to tourism.

Stating that they aim to organize the first festival on Adır Island, the largest of the 4 islands in Lake Van, Özel continued as follows:

“Another pillar of our aim is to draw attention to the beauties of Lake Van. There is a historical monastery on this island. We also want to draw attention to the preservation of this history. We have nearly a hundred swimmers coming from the provinces and districts close to here. We have completed the distance of two and a half kilometers from the coast to the island in 2 hours. “This year, we organized the first one, and these activities will continue by making them traditional every year. Lake Van stands out with its beauties with its blueness. We are ready to do our best in terms of preserving this beauty of blue.”


Maşallah Özel, who attended the festival from Tatvan, said, “It was a bit tiring, but it was very beautiful, and we are looking forward to the continuation. In order not to pollute Van Lake, Van Lake is also getting its share from the drought in our country lately.”

The swimmers who went to Adır Island by swimming in Van Lake also collected the garbage on the beach.

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