WorldSweets Diplomacy: Indo-Pak Army 'Sweet-Relationship' on Pak Independence Day!

Sweets Diplomacy: Indo-Pak Army ‘Sweet-Relationship’ on Pak Independence Day!

Own report: There is no end to the tension between the two countries. There is no end to the tensions between the leaders of the two countries. Yet in that desert oasis was created for a moment. The sweet exchange is between the armies of the two countries.

There is extremist activity, there is border-tension. Yet in it he wrote about India-Pakistan (India, Pakistan) courtesy of sweet exchange. According to sources in the Ministry of Defense, a sweet exchange took place between the Indo-Pak Army at the Line of Control (LoC) in Poonch on the occasion of Pakistan’s Independence Day.

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It is learned that on behalf of the Indian Defense Forces, the troops greeted the Pakistani troops on the Independence Day of their motherland. Concerned parties have expressed hope that the exchange of courtesy between the two sides will reduce tensions between the two neighboring countries in the days to come.

A senior officer of the Indian Border Security Force said the sweets were exchanged at four points along the Indo-Pak international border, about 200 km wide in Jammu.

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