IndiaSwallowed a packet of cannabis to escape the test; Caught in...

Swallowed a packet of cannabis to escape the test; Caught in the act of suffocation, the police finally saved his life


  • He swallowed a packet of cannabis to escape from the police
  • Police help with suffocation
  • Officer saves young man’s life

New York: Smugglers use a variety of methods to escape police investigation. We always see the news of the seizure of gold which is being smuggled in various forms in the case of gold smuggling through the airport. Now, the news of a young man swallowing a package of cannabis to escape from the police is being discussed in the international media. The news came from Ohio, USA.

Charles Hoskin, a young man, saved his life by giving first aid to a young man who swallowed a package of cannabis and became short of breath. The entire scene was captured on camera in the police vehicle.

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While coming in the car with the cannabis, the police noticed the young man swallowing the package of cannabis in the vehicle. When the police officer approached the driver’s seat, he saw a young man showing signs of shortness of breath. Asked what he had swallowed, the dying man opened up about the truth.

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The officer was giving first aid when he realized that the young man’s life would be in danger if nothing was done immediately. Charles Hoskin pulled out a package of cannabis that had been trapped under pressure on the young man’s body. Footage of the incident has already gone viral on social media. Hoskin is also seen asking the young man if he should risk his life in such situations.

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